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Children's City Council launched in Abakan

27.02.2018 127 просмотров

The Council included 22 high school students - nine boys and 13 girls aged 14 to 18.

It should be noted that among them there are five eighth graders, five nineth graders, five tenth graders and seven eleventh graders.

The first meeting was attended by the head of Abakan Nikolai Bulakin, the chairman of the Council of Deputies Albert Tupikin, and the curator of the Children's City Council Shaliko Beruashvili.
< br> N. Bulakin expressed confidence that the civic experience that children will acquire in the council will certainly be in demand in the future.

The city administration notes that the authorities expect detailed proposals from members of the Children's Council on improving and changing the lives of young residents of Abakan.

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