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Children of Filipino peasants cannot study "on a remote basis"

15.10.2020 102 просмотров

In the Philippines, educators have organized mobile schools for children cut off from knowledge by the coronavirus.

In the island nation of the Philippines, on the island of Luzon, in the province of Pampanga, the coronavirus epidemic has deprived children of the right to compulsory schooling. The central authorities have proposed moving classrooms to distance learning, majestically ignoring the obvious fact that in remote agricultural regions, poor peasants have never seen the Internet, and some of them cannot even read.

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Christopher Semsem, teacher:

"At first, we teachers had a very difficult organizational period. The fact is that the government actually left us no choice: we were allowed to or teach "on a distance "by the online system, or choose a "mixed" option, that is, in addition, give students homework that they did on their own. But in this area, people do not have access to the Internet, and they do not have TVs. Therefore, we had to think An alternative option is to organize training for these kids."

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Marizen Tolentino, Head Teacher:

elementary school students - they can't read. Therefore, I can't imagine how they can be sent learning modules - they won't even be able to answer them over the Internet! And their parents won't help them. Therefore, the only salvation is the system that we for them they came up with a mobile learning center with a TV and programs that the teachers themselves developed."

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If it were not for the selfless work of teachers who turned the old wagon into a mobile center, then the children of the nationality living in this remote area aeta would be cut off from the world of knowledge. The teachers said that both children and their parents are grateful to them for their initiative - after all, it is virtually impossible to get out of poverty without having a store of knowledge.

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