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Children in Vladivostok decided to send their drawings to Wuhan

25.02.2020 100 просмотров

In Vladivostok, a children's action "Hand in hand, heart in heart!"

It was attended by dozens of young artists wishing to express their solidarity with China, which is struggling with SARS. The jury selected 300 best drawings, which were sent to hospitals and medical centers in China. 

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It is expected that after receiving messages from little painters, Chinese doctors will take pictures holding drawings and send their pictures back to Vladivostok . The organizers of the event intend to organize an exhibition of these photographs to celebrate the solidarity of both countries. 

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"I draw victory over coronavirus, - said the young artist Yaroslav Sobolevsky. - Red means that everything is victory! Hieroglyph and hand ... Hand means love. And the flags of Russia and China signify our friendship with China."

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The artistic event was organized by Konstantin Yagodin. During the impromptu workshop, Yan Wenbin, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Vladivostok, visited the site and could not restrain his emotions before such a pure and sincere reaction of Russian children to someone else's grief.

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