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Chechen State University will have new academic buildings

09.11.2021 81 просмотров

The opening is scheduled for 2022.

Seven new educational buildings, designed to simultaneously accommodate more than 900 students, will appear in Grozny in 2022 for students of the Chechen State University. Mayor of the cityKhas-Magomed Kadyrov.

"Seven new buildings will appear on the territory of the university. Their construction is being carried out within the framework of the federal project "Export of Education". there are 959 students and 250 people of teaching and technical staff of the university.The total area of the facility is 13,911 sq. m. The educational buildings will house the faculties of geography and geology, information technology, mathematics and computer technology, as well as the faculty of physics and ICT, "said Mayor.

In October 2021, a new complex of dormitories for almost 900 students was opened on the territory of the university. New settlers will be students who came to study at the Chechen State University. A.A. Kadyrov from different parts of Russia and from abroad.

The national project "Education" is aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of domestic education, and also sets the task of joining Russia among the 10 leading countries in terms of the quality of general education. Initially, the national project included 10 federal projects: "Modern School", "Success of Every Child", "Support for Families with Children", "Digital Educational Environment", "Teacher of the Future", "Young Professionals" (improving the competitiveness of vocational education), " New opportunities for everyone", "Social activity", "Export of education" and "Social elevators for everyone".

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