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Changchun Aviation University starts open days

31.08.2018 119 просмотров

The program includes an extensive tour of the training complex and an impressive air show.

The first day, which opened with demonstration flights of young military pilots, became special for new cadets. Their participation in the air show became a kind of initiation into the “heavenly phalanx”, as well as another training session to develop flying skills in conditions close to combat. 

Over the coming weekend, visitors will be able to examine in detail the barracks where cadets. The general public will have access to classrooms, rooms equipped with a variety of simulators for training military pilots. The most determined tourists will be able to personally test the work of flight simulators. 
Chinese aerobatic team
performed in Kubinka for the first time
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Anyone can get free tickets if they answer a special questionnaire developed by the Chinese Air Force command. The second way is easier - you just need to send your photo. 

Last fall, the command of the People's Liberation Army of China adopted a program aimed at greater openness of the army. In accordance with the initiative, on the days of major festivals and national holidays, it is planned to open more than 600 barracks for public visits and popularization of service in the Chinese army.

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