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Cambodians ring bells to save themselves from coronavirus

24.03.2021 76 просмотров

The bells and drumming saved the Kingdom from infection.

In Cambodia, the royal government has decided to ring the bells of all pagodas and beat the drums 5 times a day, starting March 24, in order to remind the local population of the threat of coronavirus.

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Mae Kong, deputy head of the monastic community at Botum Pagoda, Koh Kong:

"The order to beat the drums comes from the office of the prime minister himself so that people know about the rapid spread of the epidemic in the kingdom of Cambodia. I think this is the best thing I can do to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. We, of course, still pray, wear masks and do not forget to use sanitizers."

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Wang Chantha, coffee seller:

that it is fundamentally different from the ways of alerting other countries, but I think it is the right idea because it is in line with our national tradition and allows us to learn about the spread of the virus.”

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Lung Hom, auto rickshaw:

"We always beat drums or ring bells to warn others of a dangerous situation. This is the right initiative, because all pagodas have drums and bells to fight the virus."

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It is curious that in this country located in Southeast Asia, which has about 16 million people, cases infections are the least in the world. It was not until March 13, 2021 that the first Cambodian who died due to COVID-19 was reported.

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