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Cambodian students are given the opportunity to study in Russia

15.11.2021 73 просмотров

The Russian House in Phnom Penh presented study opportunities in Russia for Cambodian students.

The team of the Russian House in Phnom Penh visited the Cambodian province of Kampot, where they held a number of meetings with representatives of the scientific community and informed Cambodian students in detail about the opportunities for studying in the Russian Federation. This was reported on Monday by the correspondent. Irina Tsatsoulina.

“The 'Study in Russia' program has been implemented in Cambodia for the third year already. We talk about the opportunities in the educational sphere that the government of the Russian Federation provides to foreign students, help to become applicants for quotas for training, introduce applicants to leading Russian universities,” said the director of the Russia House.

According to her, during meeting with the Deputy Director of the Regional Polytechnic Institute of Kampot Province Neak Nan joint projects for career guidance of local youth were discussed. “For more than forty years, Russia has been providing Cambodia with quotas for free education, this is a great and very good experience of interaction between our countries. One of the important areas is engineering specialties, and therefore it is very interesting and important for the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Cambodia to expand the geography of those places from where new students will go to Russia,” said the head of the representative office of the federal agency. She drew attention to the fact that after the visits of employees of the Russian House to Siem Reap and Battambang, applications from applicants from these cities have already appeared on the website of Rossotrudnichestvo this year.

The director of the Russian House in Phnom Penh recalled that cooperation between Russia and Cambodia in the field of education began shortly after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1956. “The Soviet Union and Russia have made a significant contribution to the creation and development of the modern educational and scientific sphere of Cambodia. Graduates with Soviet and Russian diplomas have played an important role in the development of the economy, medicine and education in Cambodia, have made a significant contribution to the transformation of the country,” saidIrina Tsatsoulina. It is known that a total of more than 8 thousand Cambodians, including three members of the current government, as well as a large number of deputy ministers, were educated in the USSR and Russia.

Educational cooperation between Moscow and Phnom Penh continues successfully into the new time. With the participation of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Cambodia, in recent years it has been possible to significantly expand the scholarship program for Cambodian applicants who go to study at Russian universities according to educational quotas provided by the Russian government.

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