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Cambodia successfully coped with the coronavirus epidemic

06.05.2021 115 просмотров

The global curfew has been lifted, but vigilance remains.

In the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, on May 6, total medical quarantine was canceled. The government has replaced this measure with targeted measures for self-isolation in the area where outbreaks of COVID-19 are observed. 

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Seut Ka On, 48, greengrocer:

"I'm kind of glad that the government has lifted the strict quarantine, but the problem is that the markets are still closed! to sell my vegetables anywhere... More than anything, I wish the authorities would finally open the market, and I was not afraid of police raids for selling in the wrong place..."

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Chuck Chantha, 50, store owner:

"I'm happy - no, really!--so happy with the end of lockdown! The government sent us home because they tried stop the coronavirus. And now the restrictions have been lifted, and we are all very happy about this!"

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Kuon Srei Noh, 27, vegetable saleswoman:

"It was very difficult for me to survive the quarantine, because I was at home without work and did not know how to feed the children. And now we have regained our freedom, and I can trade again, and then buy food for my family!"

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Cambodia is one of the countries least affected by the new virus. However, during the epidemic, the number of infected people increased from 500 to almost 17,000 at the end of February this year. A total of 110 patients have died from the coronavirus. Despite the lifting of quarantine, a curfew is still in effect at night, and it is forbidden to gather in groups of more than ten people. Bars, restaurants, massage parlors and schools remain closed until further notice from the authorities.

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