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Cambodia provides assistance to passengers of a cruise ship blocked due to fear of an epidemic

14.02.2020 132 просмотров

The Cambodian authorities showed humanity when they allowed the passengers of the Westerdam cruise ship, which anchored in the port of Sihanoukville, to disembark.

The medical authorities suspected the presence of coronavirus on board the boat. Before entering the territorial waters of Cambodia, the liner had already tried to land in five countries, including Japan, but the local administration of each of these states forbade the ship to approach the shore.

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inspection. There were more than 1,400 passengers and 800 crew members on board. None of them were found to be infected. The head of government personally greeted everyone who went ashore, shook hands with them and gave them flowers.

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"It is important to fight not only the virus, but also the epidemic of fear that is eating away at people," said Hun Sen, Prime Minister Cambodia.

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According to Alan Walker, one of the passengers, everything was very good: "We spent more than a month at sea. Before that, we had already visited Cambodia, but we are very glad that we are here again. Now we have to still on the way home to Manchester". 

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Kambo Authorities gee did everything they could for the mentally affected passengers - they even organized special charter flights in order to expedite the return of people home.

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