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Cambodia fully coped with the SARS virus

17.05.2020 124 просмотров

Cambodian Minister of Health Mom Boon Heng announced the recovery of the last patient infected with COVID-19.

In the hospitals of this country, there is not a single sick person with a dangerous virus that torments the entire planet. Following Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia has become another state that has completely got rid of the new infection.

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However, Phnom Penh does not intend to abolish access control at the borders. Schools and large gatherings are also banned for the time being. 

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"We believe that the majority of infected people come to us from abroad. Therefore, we will be vigilant and maintain the filtration regime everywhere - at airports, ground checkpoints and in ports," - said about new rules Mom Boon Heng, Minister of Health of Cambodia. 

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According to the order of the authorities, any person arriving from abroad is required to present a certificate stating that he is healthy, after which he still has to spend two weeks in full lockdown.

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