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Cambodia does not believe in the coronavirus pandemic

05.02.2020 55 просмотров

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that his country does not intend to close the borders with China due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

Not only will checkpoints continue to operate as normal, but tourism and international flight schedules between Cambodia and the Middle Kingdom will remain as they were.

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As for the risk of infection, official Phnom Penh adheres to the position of the World Health Organization, which declared that there is no threat of a planetary pandemic. Meanwhile, one patient is being treated in a Cambodian clinic - a Chinese citizen who was hospitalized with a diagnosis of viral pneumonia.

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And although the country continues to live in a normal mode, security measures in the field of civil defense are still being taken: for example, free distribution points for breathing masks have appeared on the streets.

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"I believe that the mask will help me avoid infection with the coronavirus that came from China. So I thanked the two women who gave it to me," said Mok Firun, a flower seller and coconuts.

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For his part, Hun Sen said there was no need to panic. Chinese investment is providing significant support to the Cambodian economy. Also, many Chinese citizens come to Cambodia on vacation.

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