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By the end of summer, Kazakhstan will launch a plant for the production of domestic vaccines

02.04.2021 118 просмотров

The plant for the production of the Kazakh vaccine against COVID-19 is going to be launched at the end of summer.

The authorities of Kazakhstan plan that the plant for the production of domestic vaccine against coronavirus QazCovid-in (“Kazkovid-in”), which is being built in the Zhambyl region of the republic, will begin production of the drug in August-September of this year. This was announced on Thursday by the head of the regional administration Berdibek Saparbayev during a meeting on measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection.

According to the press service of the President of the countryKassym-Jomart Tokayev >, the head of state asked the head of the region about the timing of the commissioning of the plant for the production of Kazakhstani vaccine and expressed his intention to visit the enterprise. “The vaccine bottling line will be put into operation in August-September 2021. And from that moment the plant will start producing the vaccine,” Berdibek Saparbayev replied.

On the basis of the plant, it is planned to produce the Kazakh inactivated vaccine against QazCovid-in coronavirus, developed at the Research Institute of Biological Problems. security. The drug is currently in its third phase of clinical trials and is expected to be completed by early July. Vaccination of QazCOVID-in, whose trade name will be QazVac, is expected to begin by the end of April.

At the end of January, the press service of the government of Kazakhstan reported that installation and commissioning work at the plant for the production of Kazakhstani vaccine against coronavirus in the village of Gvardeisky Zhambylskaya region was planned to be completed in March. /">On February 1, Kazakhstan began to vaccinate the population against coronavirus infection using the Sputnik V vaccine, which was produced in Russia. At the end of February, the shipment of the drug "Sputnik V", produced on the basis of the Karaganda pharmaceutical complex, began to be shipped to the regions of the country.

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