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bunch of grapes sold for $11,000 in Japan

09.07.2019 60 просмотров

Ruby Roman berries have left the auction in Ishikawa Prefecture for fabulous prices.

The buyer was the manager of one of the Japanese hotels. It is expected that by the end of September, about 26,000 bunches of grapes of this variety, which appeared on the market 12 years ago, will be sold.

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Ruby Roman is the most expensive grape variety in the world. It was bred by Japanese breeders back in 1994, but for the first time it entered store shelves only in 2008.  

Ruby Roman is valued for its sweet ruby-red berries with a special refreshing taste. Moreover, each grape is simply huge - sometimes it reaches the size of a golf ball.  

All berries are carefully selected. The fruit must weigh at least 20 grams and contain over 18 percent sugar. There is also  a special "premium class" of this grape variety, which requires that one grape must weigh over 30 grams, and the whole bunch - 700 grams.

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