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Buddhist stupa consecrated in Transbaikalia

17.10.2018 68 просмотров

The rite of consecration of the religious building was held in the village of Urda-Aga, Aginsky district.

As TASS was told in the Aginsky datsan (monastery-university), all shereete lamas (abbots) of the Trans-Baikal Territory, headed by Did Khambo Tsyren Lama Dondukbaev, took part in the ceremony. 
Library of
Tibetan medicine appeared in Transbaikalia

In addition, a representative of St. Petersburg Shirap Zhamso Lama also took part in the consecration ceremony. It was to him, as the first rector of a datsan (temple) in the northern capital, that the ceremony was dedicated. 

The religious building was built in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 20th century on the model of a Buddhist cathedral temple. The Buddhists of Transbaikalia took an active part in the construction. After many years of closure, the temple was handed over to the Buddhist community in 1990. Now the St. Petersburg datsan and its fence are recognized as architectural monuments of federal significance.

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