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Brunei introduces Sharia law

29.03.2019 95 просмотров

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah plans to make a statement about this on April 3.

At the same time, religious and legal norms will officially come into force. I must say that most of the provisions were adopted five years ago. But the authorities decided to postpone the application of the most severe standards for several years due to the fact that they caused a mixed reaction in the world community, according to TASS
Oman to impose
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to citizens of the country professing Islam. In the state, they make up about 2/3 of the population, or a little more than 277 thousand people. 

Experts notice that the sultanate has recently seen an increase in a conservative approach to the religion of Islam. Brunei became the first country in Southeast Asia to adopt Sharia law in 2014. They, in particular, involve punishment for such offenses as selling alcohol or not attending Friday prayers.

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