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Braille smartphone launched in India

10.01.2020 47 просмотров

This is the world's first phone for people with impaired or lost vision.

This gadget differs from ordinary smartphones by its “screen”, which is a grid of contacts. It forms a tangible alphabet, and various contacts are responsible for certain letters or symbols. Thanks to this, the display is a kind of translator and can read plain text containing familiar letters into Braille and vice versa.

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Indian scientists have developed a new technology based on the work of dot matrix printers, where letters were created from a large number of retractable elements. The screen of the new phone was similarly done, where the operating system controls the rise and fall of letters, forming a font from dots and lines for visually impaired users who can read messages.

The developers note that the main motivation for creating a smartphone for the blind was a simple desire to make technology accessible to everyone. 

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