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Bollywood actor distributes flour to the poor with a 'surprise'

28.04.2020 106 просмотров

A video is gaining popularity on the Internet claiming that Indian Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan made a cash donation to the underprivileged in a very original way.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic and the ongoing lack of money against it, on April 23, Aamir sent a truck with bags of flour packed in one kilogram to the most modest, unprivileged area of Delhi. 

Aamir Khan Video.jpg

This aid was intended for the most needy, and the popular actor proved himself to be, among other things, a talented psychologist . His calculation was that only the poorest would come and line up for such little help. 

The video refers to the surprise of those who took the flour: 15,000 rupees in cash was hidden in each bag.


Unlike most other Bollywood superstars, Aamir Khan himself never, anywhere, publicly reveals that he does charity work. Representatives of the artist do not give any official explanations.

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