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More than 3 million tourists have visited Iran in the last 9 months

08.02.2023 ТАСС 62 просмотров

Last year, 1.4 million tourists visited Iran.

More than 3 million foreign tourists have visited Iran since the beginning of the year (the year according to the Iranian calendar begins on March 21). This statement was made on Tuesday by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Crafts of Iran Ali Asghar Shalbafiyan.

"Over the past nine months of this year, more than 3 million tourists have entered Iran, 14% of them visited the Islamic Republic on a one—day visit," Mehr news agency quoted him as saying. The Deputy Minister also noted that 1.4 million tourists visited Iran last year — thus, the figures currently available exceeded last year's by more than two times.

On January 12, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Moscow, Kazem Jalali, said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper that the number of trips of Russian tourists to Iran last year increased fourfold compared to 2021, and also stressed that Iran is ready to simplify the issuance of individual visas for Russian tourists on a reciprocal basis. The Ambassador noted that nothing threatens tourists in the country and they can safely visit tourist areas, despite the recent protests.

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