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Boao Forum for Asia to be held April 20-22

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The forum is planned to be organized both in person and online.

The Boao Asian Forum (BAF) this year will be held from 20 to 22 April. This was announced by the BAF secretariat on Thursday.

As specified in a widespread statement, the event will be held under the motto "Pandemic and Peace: Interaction for Global Development and a Common Future." The forum is planned to be organized both in person and online. Its key task, as noted, will be the discussion of "environmentally friendly, innovative, tolerant development and cooperation", "strengthening international solidarity."

In January, BAF Secretary General Li Baodong emphasized that the forum in 2022 will definitely take place even in a pandemic. He also expressed confidence that the event would be successful.

As the Secretary General specified, among the main topics of the BAF in 2022 are the digitalization of the world economy, the exchange of international experience in order to counter large-scale epidemics, the promotion of environmental sustainable development, global governance issues, strengthening cooperation between Asian countries and other states.

The Forum in Boao has been held regularly since 2001 in Hainan and has 29 participating countries (states of the Asia-Pacific region). In 2020, it did not take place due to the pandemic, but in 2021 it was organized in person. The BAF is called East Davos: it is a large platform for signing important agreements, coordinating positions between representatives of business and government circles in Asia and all other regions of the world. The Chinese authorities pay great attention to its development and consider this mechanism as an effective tool of soft diplomacy, which contributes to the activation and strengthening of Beijing's international contacts.

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