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Boao Forum for Asia kicks off in China

20.04.2022 195 просмотров

The Boao Forum started its work under severe anti-COVID restrictions.

The Boao Forum for Asia (BAF) launched its annual series of events, which will last until April 22, under maximum anti-COVID measures, on Wednesday. This year it is held under the motto "Pandemic and Peace: Engaging for Global Development and a Common Future" and is dedicated to coordinating multilateral efforts to address key challenges in a rapidly changing international environment.

"The pandemic has dealt a huge blow to economic development and society in all countries. <...> Despite the fact that the global economy has begun to recover from the negative consequences of the spread of the coronavirus, this process is uneven. Moreover, destabilizing geopolitical factors have intensified,” said the Secretary General of the forumLi Baodong at a press conference held on the same day, which was dedicated to the publication of two annual reports of the forum on progress in green development and integration processes in Asian countries.

He recalled that the BAF primarily pays attention to economic issues and will continue to promote equal, mutually beneficial international cooperation. Traditionally, the official opening ceremony of the forum will take place on the second day, during which Chinese President Xi Jinping will address the participants, as well as representatives of the top leadership of a number of other states.

As clarified by Li Baodong, this time about 600 representatives from 42 countries arrived in Boao, about 400 more officials, entrepreneurs, politicians and experts from all over the world will join the discussions online. “Issues related to the four most important factors of development — environmental friendliness, innovation, tolerant coexistence and cooperation will be discussed in detail,” he added.

“We hope that this year our forum will more accurately reflect the key trends in global development in a new era, will become a call for strengthening cooperation, strengthening dialogue, and will have a stimulating effect on the development of the world community,” the Secretary General summed up. -participants (states of the Asia-Pacific region). In 2020, it did not take place due to the pandemic, but in 2021 it was organized in person, and this time, in order to ensure epidemic safety, it will be held in strict isolation mode, in the so-called. bubble. The BAF is called East Davos: it is a large platform for signing important agreements, coordinating positions between representatives of business and government circles in Asia and all other regions of the world. The Chinese authorities pay great attention to its development and consider this mechanism as an effective tool of soft diplomacy, which contributes to the activation and strengthening of Beijing's international contacts.

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