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Bishkek to host sliders championship

17.05.2019 75 просмотров

Athletes aged 7-10 months will be able to take part in the competition.

May 18 in the Kyrgyz capital will be held "Crawler Championship". Its participants will be toddlers who are not yet able to walk - and, of course, their parents. This is reported by the Sputnik agency. 
Festival of crying children
to be held in Japan

crawl a distance of ten meters. They have three minutes to do so. Parents are allowed to call and persuade their children, encourage them, lure them with toys.

Competitions will be held among girls and boys. It is not reported what prizes await the winners.

However, it is known that, in addition to the results of the "race" (or "crawl"), achievements in such nominations as "Baby on the Drive", "Best support group” and “The most creative bait”.

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