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Bicycle police appeared in Turkmenistan

09.08.2019 72 просмотров

This is the first such unit in the republic, it was created by presidential decree.

The corresponding order was given by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during his visit to the Avaza tourist zone. The head of state arrived on the Caspian coast the day before and immediately took a bike ride. 

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The Turkmen leader visited a bicycle rental point and suggested calling it an "Eco-bike station".

As for the new police unit, it will not only carry out regular service, but also take part in the traditional September month of road safety and in many other promotions. 

world record . More than 2 thousand people came to the start of the large-scale marathon. The activists lined up in one row on bicycles in the Olympic village, and the length of the "echelon" was over 3 thousand meters. Thus, the record set on March 3 this year in India was updated in Ashgabat.
It should be recalled that President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is a great supporter of a healthy lifestyle. He put ministers and citizens of his republic on bicycles and made bike rides fashionable.

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