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Berdimuhamedov was given the medal "For Courage"

26.09.2018 71 просмотров

By the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the grandfather of the head of Turkmenistan, Berdimuhamed Annayev, was awarded the combat award, the state agency "Turkmenistan today" reports.  

The solemn ceremony of presenting the state award was held at a government meeting in the Ruhyet Palace. The Russian Ambassador to Ashgabat Alexander Blokhin presented the medal and certificate to the President of Turkmenistan. 

Together with the medal, the original archival documents related to the activities of Berdimuhamed Annayev, which were previously kept in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, were handed over to the President of Turkmenistan. 
Presidential horse in Turkmenistan
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Berdimuhamed Annaev is the grandfather of the current head of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. During the Great Patriotic War he was drafted into the Red Army, fought as part of the Second Ukrainian Front. He was wounded and returned from the war disabled. He died in 1948 during the devastating Ashgabat earthquake. 

The decree on the posthumous awarding of the veteran was signed by Vladimir Putin in June 2018. 

The medal "For Courage" was established by the decision of the Supreme Council RF in 1992. According to the statute, it is awarded for "personal courage and courage shown in battles in defense of the Fatherland and state interests of the Russian Federation." 

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