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Beijing introduced a double test for coronavirus at the entrance to the city

17.01.2022 43 просмотров

The first test must be passed 48 hours prior to arrival in the city from other regions of China, and the second one within 72 hours after entry.

The authorities of the Chinese capital have introduced a mandatory requirement to pass two tests for coronavirus at the entrance to the city, which will be valid for at least two months. This was announced on Sunday by the local Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to a widespread statement, the first test must be taken 48 hours before arrival in Beijing from other regions of China (this rule was in effect before). The second - within 72 hours after entering the city. This measure, as specified, is designed to “eliminate epidemiological risks in advance” and will be valid from January 22 until the end of March.

As noted, in the absence of tests after arrival in the capital, in the Health Code mobile application, which is mandatory for every citizen and foreigner, there may be a record that prevents them from visiting department stores, shops, social events and government offices.

On Saturday, the Beijing Hygiene and Health Committee announced for the first time the detection of a case of infection with the Omicron strain in the capital. At the moment, this is the only local case of coronavirus infection in Beijing (all other patients undergoing treatment in hospitals in the Chinese capital came from abroad). On the same day, doctors promptly checked 13,000 people in the city who had contact with the infected person or found themselves in the places he visited.

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