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Beijing continues mass testing of residents for coronavirus

04.05.2022 133 просмотров

Beijing authorities have begun another round of testing in 12 districts of the city due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Authorities in the Chinese capital on Tuesday began another round of coronavirus testing in 12 of the city's 16 districts amid the outbreak. This is reported by the Guangming Daily newspaper.

According to the publication, residents of Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian and eight other districts with a total population of about 20 million people will have to pass three tests - 3, 4 and 5 May, respectively.

Last week, the authorities have already tested these areas. Citizens who live and work in these parts of the city also had to pass three PCR tests. According to Li An, deputy head of the Beijing Hygiene and Health Committee, quoted by Guangming Daily, the epidemic situation in the metropolis remains serious, and therefore it was decided to conduct another round of testing.

In order to prevent further spread of the disease, the Beijing authorities have introduced strict anti-epidemic measures for the holiday period from April 30 to May 4 on the occasion of the Workers' Day. During the holidays, catering establishments are instructed to suspend customer service in the halls: restaurants and cafes work only for takeaway. Entertainment establishments, computer clubs and gyms have temporarily suspended their work. In addition, when visiting public places - parks, shopping centers, grocery stores, and so on - residents of the Chinese capital must present a 48-hour negative PCR test.

Over the past day, 51 confirmed cases of infection were detected in Beijing (in patients have symptoms - cough, fever, malaise), as well as 11 asymptomatic carriers of the disease. From April 22 to May 2, about 400 cases of infection were detected in Beijing.

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