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Beijing bomb shelters to become concert venues

22.10.2019 49 просмотров

The Municipal Administration of Civil Defense of China's capital is leasing strategic premises to private enterprises at preferential rates.

Such firms will be required to maintain the premises in full readiness and return them to the disposal of the state in case of emergency. 

The idea to open concert venues in such an unusual place appeared after many artists, as well as creative organizations, began to transform abandoned factory floors to the center of contemporary art.

Armenia hosted concert 
artificial intelligence

, bomb shelters are often empty and not used in any way. The large area of the bunker allows you to open a stage for performances by artists, clubs and recreation areas. 

The first such concert hall was named No. 180 - in honor of the number of the bunker on the basis of which it was opened. The room has already been renovated, and guests are treated to a glass of wine from the cellar, which is located right there. 


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