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Batons, a roof garden, plywood spectators and cow urine - how Big Asia spends time in self-isolation / photo

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The process of self-isolation was organized in different Asian countries in different ways. Somewhere it was forbidden to wear masks and pronounce the word “coronavirus”, and somewhere they were happy to beat them with a baton for leaving their homes at an odd hour.

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic and the ongoing lack of money against it, the Indian superstar actor sent a flour truck… with surprises

Coronavirus India flour.jpg

a garden planting a family ...on the roof of your own house!

Coronavirus Syria Damascus Garden on the roof.jpg

In Turkmenistan were banned from saying the word "coronavirus" and were also punished for wearing masks in public places.

Coronavirus Turkmenistan.jpg
Photo: Kommersant

In India, in the southern city of Chennai, coronavirus tricycle noe taxi.

Coronavirus India Taxi.jpg

In connection with the epidemic herds of wild pigs, terrifying local residents.

Coronavirus Israel.jpg

In China, during the peak of the incidence, the death penalty was introduced for violating quarantine and a moderate threat to the health and life of others.

Coronavirus China Police.jpg

In Iraq, artists are trying to help people overcome the fear of the dangerous COVID-19 epidemic with staging joke numbers.

Coronavirus Iraq Radio.jpg

Indian police have occasionally been forced to punish offenders with canes.
< br> Kor onavirus India sticks.jpg

In Japan, in the Chiba prefecture, the municipality ordered to cut 100,000 tulips blooming in Sakura City Park " to avoid mass gatherings of admiring this beauty of the Japanese.

Coronavirus Japan Flowers.jpg

Football was watched in Chinese Taiwan not living people, but mannequins.

Coronavirus China Football Mannequins.jpg

During the epidemic, the government of Sri Lanka imposed a curfew, but every 3 days a 10-hour right to leave the home is announced to allow residents to meet a strict minimum actions to maintain its existence - pick bananas and pumpkins.

Coronavirus Sri Lanka Prodrazverstka tka.jpg

In the Republic of Korea, despite the quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to keep all the fullness of civil rights for voters who are in strict self-isolation after possible contact with a sick person. Elections were held in the republic. Everyone voted!

Coronavirus Republic of Korea Election.jpg

President Rodrigo Duterte himself ordered to shoot those who did not comply with the regime in the Philippines. He gave that power to the state police.

Philippine Coronavirus.jpg
Photo: Kommersant


Antalya Coronavirus Spiderman.jpg

One of the most densely populated countries in the world, India, home to one billion 400 million people, bordering China, has managed to avoid mass distribution virus. The Indians themselves associate this amazing, from the point of view of academic medical science, fact with the fact that they massively -koronavirusom-vsemi-dostupnymi-metodami/?sphrase_id=1833872">drink cow urine as a disinfectant.

Coronavirus India Food.jpg

The program talks about all this and much more around the clock at the beginning of every hour Greater Asia News on our TV channel.

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