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Bangladesh sat on a new quarantine

04.04.2021 117 просмотров

In one of Asia's poorest countries, citizens are being organized and conscientious in the face of an epidemic.

The third wave of COVID-19 has arrived in Bangladesh, prompting the authorities to announce a new lockdown, sending citizens home. Of course, a new outbreak of the epidemic and the measures taken could not but cause a stir in the grocery market and the appearance of long queues in front of the points of voluntary testing using the PCR method.

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Zhhumur Gomez, local:

quarantine. No one really knows what will happen next. We were only informed that quarantine was declared for one week. "

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Mahtab Hossein, Local:

"Coronavirus has hit us again. Here I am "I went for another test. But there were too many people here - everyone wants to be tested. Therefore, as the number of infected people grows, the queue of those registered for analysis also grows."

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Meanwhile, the death rate in Bangladesh from coronavirus is relatively low - it is less than one and a half percent, and the overall proportion is safe more than 87% who had a dangerous disease, which is surprising for such a densely populated and poor country. Today, more than 165 million people live in this state.

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