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Bangkok to ban feeding pigeons

21.09.2018 100 просмотров

The city authorities of the Thai capital have already developed a system of punishments for violation of this law, according to The Bangkok Post.

Feeding birds in public places can be subject to a fine of 25,000 baht or administrative detention for up to three months. 

However, the city officials explained that such strict measures would be infrequently enforced. First of all, they are aimed at informing the public about the threats posed by swarms of pigeons.  
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children from a flooded cave

The initiators of the reform specifically clarified that the new measures should not “harm the birds.” 

Previously, the authorities have already carried out operations to trapping birds living in the city. In 2010, they disinfected hundreds of pigeons with the help of local zoo staff. 

During the current campaign, municipal officials are expected to survey 37 parks to identify large flocks of birds. In addition, signs will be posted throughout the city reminding you not to feed the pigeons. 



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