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Babysitters coming to Dubai Mall

21.03.2019 138 просмотров

They will look after the children of the supermarket guests.

Service on the eve of Mother's Day launches Dubai Mall. Now visitors will be able to enjoy shopping while trained staff will take care of the children.

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other responsibilities. In addition, for the first two mothers who order the service, the first two hours of service will be free. The promotion also includes gifts in Perfumery & Co, Trevor Sorbie and Make-Up Studio.

Childcare is available at the mall daily. However, advance booking is required by phone or at a dedicated kiosk on the ground floor.

Previously, "Greater Asia" reported that the unusual oae/?sphrase_id=12150">A coffee shop in the UAE offers a discount. It will be given to visitors who come with their own mugs. Thus, the leaders of the Costa Coffee establishment urge customers to abandon disposable cups.

A new initiative in the United Arab Emirates has been launched as part of efforts to reduce waste and save the environment. Those who bring their own dishes will receive a discount of almost $1.

It may not seem like much, but people who drink coffee daily can save up to $200 a year.

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