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Azerbaijani authorities are ready to cancel the mask regime

23.04.2022 92 просмотров

In Azerbaijan, from May 1 the requirement to wear masks is abolished.

From May 1, the Azerbaijani authorities are canceling the mask regime in the country, introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The corresponding resolution was published on Friday on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic.

“Establish that from 1 May 2022, the requirement to use personal respiratory protection equipment (medical masks, fabric masks, respirators) under a special quarantine regime and etc.), - says the resolution signed by the country's Prime Minister Ali Asadov. At the same time, it is recommended to wear protective masks during air travel and in schools.

At the same time, by a government decree, the special quarantine regime in force in the country has been extended until 1 July. As emphasized in the document, this was done with the purpose of preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection on the country's territory and  its possible consequences . Previously, the period of the special quarantine regime was set until  1 May.

The mask regime in the republic was introduced in May 2020.

To date, the country's authorities have lifted most of the quarantine restrictions.

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