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Azerbaijan resumes full-time education in schools and universities

22.09.2021 114 просмотров

A new academic year is starting in Azerbaijan, face-to-face classes are being resumed in schools and universities.

The new academic year starts on Wednesday in Azerbaijan. By the decision of the government, full-time education system is gradually resumed in all educational institutions of the country. Primary school students will be the first to sit at their desks, including 158,608 first-graders. Pupils of grades 5 to 11 of general education schools, students of secondary specialized educational institutions and university students will return to the traditional full-time education system from September 29.

In general, according to the Ministry of Education, in the new academic year, general education schools of the country will study over 1.5 million students.

The day before, the Minister of Education Emin Amrullaev signed an order according to which local education authorities were instructed to keep the sanitary and epidemiological situation under strict control, periodically carry out disinfection in educational institutions work. It is mandatory for teachers to wear protective masks during classes. According to the ministry, about 90% of secondary school teachers and up to 80% of university teachers have already been vaccinated against coronavirus infection.

The academic year in Azerbaijan traditionally begins on September 15, when the Day of Knowledge is also celebrated in the republic. However, this year, due to the tense epidemiological situation in the country, by decision of the government, the start of the school year was postponed a week later. educational institutions, pupils and students were transferred to distance learning. Since that time, taking into account the sanitary and epidemic situation in the country, full-time education in general education schools has been stopped and resumed several times, and universities have operated in the distance learning mode.

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