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Award for contribution to the development of the disappearing language of Mountain Jews was presented in Moscow

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In Moscow, for the sixth time, the Sergei Weinstein Prize was awarded for his contribution to the development of Mountain Jewish culture. 

The organizer was the STMEGI charitable foundation. Each year, the awards dedicate one of the important aspects of the life of the Mountain Jewish community. This time, the winners are people who have made a significant contribution to the study, preservation and teaching of the Juhuri language, which is spoken by Mountain Jews.

"Each of today's laureates is a person whose work has made significant changes in the life of our community," said German Zakharyaev, President of the STMEGI Foundation , Vice-President of the Russian Jewish Congress. “And we are sincerely grateful to them for their work.”

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“This is such an important feature and important destiny and mission of Mountain Jews: always, where they are needed, there are always a lot of them. Thank you so much for this,” Yuri Kanner, President of the Russian Jewish Congress, thanked the recipients.

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lecturer at the Russian State University A.N. Kosygin Evgenia Nazarova. Another laureate is a journalist and public figure, one of the leaders of the Mountain Jewish community in Israel Frida Yusufova. The award was given to the artist, teacher, prominent public figure Rami Meir.

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“Mountain Jews are more than 2000 years old,” the prize winner said during the award < b>Rami Meir. - The first Mountain Jews once appeared in the lands of Palestine, in the Middle East at the end of the 18th century. This small nation is scattered all over the world. Mountain Jews are all around today. The STMEGI Foundation is the very organization that was able to unite all Mountain Jews in different countries.”

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At the event, a representative of the Mountain Jewish community from Novokuznetsk was also presented with a certificate of honor from the foundation. Slavik Urilov timely noticed a malfunction in the plane taking off from the Moscow airport and warned the crew and passengers, thanks to which the plane crash was prevented. The popular mountain-Jewish dance ensemble "Likana" and singers Shalum Alkhazov and Adil Karadzha performed at the award ceremony.

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