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Auto racing "Zhiguli" on the ice took place in Perm

24.03.2019 172 просмотров

The owners of sports cars made from ordinary mass-produced cars took part in the Track-400 competition.

Most of the cars are the usual rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive cars. The driver who won the races got a super-prize — Lada Granta.

The race was called Track-400  not by chance. 400 meters is the length of the circle that the contestants need to overcome. It had to be driven four times.

The racers competed in two categories. In the first - D2K - only pilots on the "classic" - rear-wheel drive cars were allowed. To get into the second - "Super 1600" - it was possible for the owners of front-wheel drive cars, the requirements were imposed only on the weight of the cars. It was supposed to be no more than a thousand kilograms.

In addition, two demonstration races were held at the Track-400: a race of motorsport veterans and a race of heroes of the Ural Potholes in all-wheel drive cars.

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