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Authorities in two cities in the UAE give a discount on the payment of traffic fines

28.07.2018 133 просмотров

From July, traffic and parking offenders in the emirate of Abu Dhabi can receive a 25% discount on the amount of the fine.

True, the offer applies only to the cities of Al Ain and Al Dhafr, reports. In addition, in order to take advantage of the discount, a number of conditions must be met. Violators will need to visit the community outreach center at the emirate's police department. At the same time, you must take your identity card, driving license and vehicle registration certificate (TC) with you. 

The department employee will print out a list of fines issued to the car owner and a special form that will have to be filled out to take the case to court. After the application is accepted for consideration (as a rule, this procedure takes about a day), the violator will be able to pay a fine at a discount and personally bring a receipt for payment to the police department. 

Some Internet users on the forums it was suggested that the authorities deliberately established such a complex bureaucratic procedure. The calculation is simple: perhaps many car owners do not want to waste time, and they would rather pay the full amount. 

The right to such a point of view is given by the fact that recently the UAE has been deliberately introducing digital technologies that facilitate processes that previously required filling out a lot of paperwork. As previously reported by Big Asia, Dubai Traffic and Transport Authority ="_blank">announced full transition to electronic vehicle registration.

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