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As part of the fight against COVID-19, Japan has changed the rules for taxi drivers

04.11.2020 49 просмотров

Taxi drivers in Japan received the right not to board passengers without masks.

The Japanese government has given taxi drivers the right not to pick up potential customers if they are not wearing a face mask. The Ministry of State Lands, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of the country officially allowed the corresponding changes in the rules for the operation of this industry on Wednesday.

Ten leading taxi companies operating in the Tokyo area have previously collectively requested such amendments from the agency, National Public Television reported.

Japanese law stipulates that a taxi driver does not have the right to refuse a person who wants to make a trip, except in cases where the potential client is drunk or may threaten the driver with violence . Such rules are also included in individual statutes adopted in transport companies. Now the ministry has allowed them to change.

Taxi companies are reportedly particularly concerned about cases where drunken passengers without masks talk and laugh excitedly in the cabin, which increases the risk of driver infection.

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