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Artificial intelligence helped find a possible cure for covid

27.09.2021 114 просмотров

A group of Japanese scientists have announced the successful creation of an artificial intelligence system that can quickly examine numerous chemicals to identify possible cures for various diseases. The scientists said their program had discovered a possible drug to treat the coronavirus.

The researchers said that, according to the created program, as a possible drug for coronavirus, an agent that is used in the treatment of glaucoma should be used. According to the scientists, the cultured cell experiment confirmed that the drug can block the infection of the virus.

In addition, traditional methods of finding the right drugs require a lot of time and effort, as they involve a large number of experiments. The scientists stressed that their AI-based program has already studied more than 2.5 million combinations of pathogenic proteins and chemicals that resist protein action.

The developers also noted that their system can analyze about 6,000 types of chemicals in minute and determine the appropriate drugs in a particular case.

A group of scientists-authors of the program works at the Medical Institute of Bioregulation of the University of Kyushu under the guidance of Professor Nakayama Keiichi.

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