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Armenia took the first place in the Russian Science Citation Index

21.07.2022 Валерия Смирнова, проект «Россия с вами» 67 просмотров

On July 19, achievements in the field of Russian language learning in the Republic of Armenia were presented at a scientific conference with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo. 

Russian Russian Language Institute named after A.S. Pushkin presented the index of the position of the Russian language in the world, within which Armenia took the first place in the Hirsch index in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

The Hirsch index is an indicator showing the number of scientific papers published by a certain author and the number of their citations. The index determines not only the number of articles and the citation of authors, but also how popular Russian-language science is within the former USSR. 

Armenia has an index of 43.27 of the average Hirsch index of the top 1% of authors. The Russian language is practically not used in the secondary vocational education system of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Lithuania and Latvia. Russian Russian Language Status Index in the world shows that Armenia is included in the list of countries with a low proportion of Russian language students in schools (0-19%). However, there is the largest proportion of Russian teachers there, along with South Ossetia, the LPR and Abkhazia. 

Tamara Vardanyan, Director of the Yerevan branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, outlined the problem of the shortage of textbooks in Russian, in particular, for higher educational institutions. Russian Russian is spoken by 70% of the Armenian population at the basic level, but specialized literature is needed for more in–depth education in Russian in specialized subjects, which, unfortunately, cannot be brought to Armenia on their own, due to the lack of sufficient funding," she said.Tamara Vardanyan. 

Head of the Center for Language Policy and International Education of the Pushkin State Institute of the Russian LanguageSvetlana Kamysheva proposed to improve the qualifications of Armenian teachers in Russia. Kamysheva believes that an internship program for Armenian teachers in Russia is necessary, since it is impossible to improve qualifications qualitatively without immersion in the language environment.

Russian Russian House Deputy Head of the Department of Scientific and Educational Projects in Yerevan, Anahit Petrosyan, spoke about the need to create a program to improve the level of Russian language proficiency for all social strata of society. "We have already successfully implemented many projects to improve the level of Russian language proficiency. The Russian House in Gyumri has created a unique language program for police officers, which has been positively received by the public. In the future, we plan to apply these practices," she notedAnahit Petrosyan.

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