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Armenia hosts annual Tea and Coffee Festival

30.09.2019 98 просмотров

Lovers of warming and invigorating drinks from all over the republic came to Yerevan for this festival. They received extensive information about the intricacies and nuances of their preparation.

More than 50 manufacturers of tea, coffee and sweets presented their products. 

For guests, the drink was prepared in a cezve, in which 400 portions can be brewed immediately, if such a need arises. In addition to tastings, the guests of the holiday were also treated to master classes in the preparation of drinks, and for especially romantic natures, fortune-telling on coffee grounds. Among the baristas there were competitions for the speed of preparation of several types of drinks. The contestants were evaluated by a professional jury.

The festival lasted two days and brought together several thousand people. 

Chelyabinsk barista draws
 on coffee cups

Previously similar Coffee Festival was held in Istanbul,"Greater Asia" reported. Experts from different countries shared their secrets about what grains are best suited for perfect coffee, what temperature should the water be in order to fully reveal the taste and aroma of the drink.

Of course, there was also a tasting. The festival was held for the sixth time and brought together not only the world's best baristas, but also suppliers of raw materials.

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