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Antivirus strategy, movies for the Spring Festival, billions of views, pets under supervision — Watch the Chinese panorama – 471

31.01.2023 Медиакорпорация Китая (CMG), телеканал «Большая Азия» (Дарья Николаенко, Мария Щепетнёва) 90 просмотров

Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 471):

  • The intra-Chinese tourist flow for the Spring festival has almost equaled the pre-pandemic one The UN predicts the acceleration of China's economic growth this year
  • The Russian expert noted the significant foreign economic activity of China
  • The profit of kumquat producers in China increased after the abolition of anti-weed restrictions
  • Chinese regions enrich the healthcare system with valuable developments in the fight against the epidemic
  • During the week of the New Year holidays, box office receipts in the country approached a billion dollars
  • Chinese tourists return to Thailand
  • Beijing to build a new exhibition area for the relics of the Forbidden City
  • The gala concert in honor of the Spring Festival and the video numbers of this grandiose show in total have gained more than 16 billion views
  • Pet care services are especially popular during the holidays
  • The intra-Chinese tourist flow for the Spring festival has reached almost 90% of the pre-pandemic level

During the incomplete week of the New Year holidays, residents and guests of the Celestial Empire made 308 million trips around the country. As a result, the intra-Chinese tourist flow for the Spring holiday has recovered to almost 90 percent of the level of 2019 and is almost a quarter higher than last year's figure.

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The industry's revenues from servicing domestic tourists exceeded $55 billion over the holiday week. This is a third more than last year, but still a quarter less than in 2019. Winter sports fans prefer ski resorts in Xinjiang and Heilongjiang Province, and beach lovers went to the southern province of Hainan. Duty-free shops of the tropical island sold $170 million worth of goods in 6 days.

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The UN predicts the acceleration of China's economic growth this year

China's economic growth may accelerate to 4.8% this year, and this will give an impetus to the development of the entire global economy, according to senior officials of the United Nations and the World Bank.

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Hamid Rashid, Head of the Global Economic Monitoring Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs: "Unlike other developing countries, China has a strong fiscal and tight monetary policy.
That is, from the point of view of budgetary and monetary measures, China has steady support. In addition, the total amount of China's investment projects is about one and a half trillion yuan. This is 1.3% of the country's GDP. Such impressive indicators contribute to stable economic growth. In addition, unlike large banks in other countries, Chinese banks continued to keep rates low during the pandemic."

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Axel von Trotsenburg, the World Bank's Managing Director for Operations, notes that it is precisely the weakening of measures to combat the pandemic that can open up brilliant prospects and stimulate economic growth.

The Russian expert noted the growth of global investor confidence in China Promising prospects and stable growth even during a pandemic are such characteristics of the modern Chinese economy, noted Evgeny Smirnov, Doctor of Economics and Professor at Moscow State University of Management.

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Evgeny Smirnov, Acting Head of the Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations of the State University of Management: "During the pandemic, China restored its exports earlier than others — it began to increase them to those countries that are experiencing a shortage of some goods or semi-finished products, components, spare parts.
That is, China is demonstrating serious foreign economic activity, and the abolition of covid restrictions should not be associated with any significant changes - except, perhaps, the growth of domestic consumption."

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The professor notes that the year before last, the growth rate of Chinese exports was 20-30 percent, and this is a very large amount in modern conditions: in international trade, this indicator is at the level of two to four percent. At the same time, global investor confidence in China has also increased by all indicators.

Китайская панорама-471-11.jpg

Profits of Chinese kumquat producers increased after the lifting of anti-weed restrictions

After the abolition of anti–weed restrictions, the profits of Chinese producers of kumquat, a citrus fruit, increased. In Yansho County in southern China, where two-thirds of kumquat is grown in the country, the harvest is harvested from November to April. Due to the drought, production volumes have decreased by 30 percent this year, while profits have doubled.

Китайская панорама-471-17.jpg

Gao Xuewen, farmer, Yansho County: "It hasn't rained for 4 months.
Because of this, the size of the fetus decreases. Look: this fruit is now considered large, although in the past it could only be called medium. But the taste is still good, and the price is the highest since 2008 – the best price in history."

Китайская панорама-471-20.jpg

There is a big demand for kumquat this year. Its fruits are used to relieve coughing attacks caused by the coronavirus. In addition, logistics has been simplified after China lifted anti-epidemic restrictions.

Gao Yonghao, Vice Chairman of the Kumquat Association, Yansho County: "In the past, transportation was difficult due to travel restrictions and quarantine.
Some buyers could not get our kumquat. But now we can deliver fruit everywhere."

Китайская панорама-471-23.jpg

Yangshuo County is also a popular tourist destination, and kumquat plays a prominent role in local cuisine. Farmers are confident that the gradual recovery of the tourist flow and the demand for fruit will further increase their profits.

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Chinese regions enrich the healthcare system with valuable developments in the fight against the epidemic

The Chinese healthcare system is preparing for a possible increase in the incidence of coronavirus, and experts are studying the experience of various regions in combating COVID-19 outbreaks. Huzhou City District of Zhejiang Province turned out to be exemplary in terms of resource allocation. Its central hospital serves 4 million residents, at the peak of morbidity in early January, more than a thousand patients a day were admitted here. To cope with the situation, a special system of distribution of patients was introduced.

Китайская панорама-471-29.jpg

Fei Xiaoqin, nurse at Huzhou Central Hospital: "We have launched a full-fledged pulmonology clinic.
Hundreds of patients with moderate symptoms can be referred there, which reduces the waiting time in the emergency room and emergency department. We can refer those who feel unwell to the rehabilitation department."

Special attention is paid to patients in critical condition and elderly people with concomitant diseases. In order for such patients to receive the necessary care on time, the hospital management regularly bypasses outpatient departments.

Китайская панорама-471-28.jpg

The distribution mechanism is established not only inside the Central Hospital. This institution is the core of a regional network of clinics, between which resources and patients circulate. Severe patients here are immediately sent to advanced clinics, with moderate symptoms — to less equipped hospitals, and a significant part of people with mild manifestations of the disease receive basic treatment in micro-district health centers. This avoids a shortage of beds and resources. In addition, an online service for patients with mild symptoms is organized in Huzhou. Medicines are sent to them by couriers directly to the house. At the same time, some antiviral drugs are given out here for free.

Китайская панорама-471-27.jpg

Now the number of coronavirus-related deaths and severe cases of the disease has decreased across the country: compared to the beginning of January, it has decreased by an average of 70%. However, the working group under the State Council of the People's Republic of China urges not to relax and study the experience of allocating medical resources in case of a new increase in morbidity.

During the week of the New Year holidays, box office receipts in China approached a billion dollars

More than one hundred million viewers visited Chinese cinemas in the first week of the New Year holidays. The total box office receipts for this period approached a billion dollars, which is higher than last year.

Китайская панорама-471-36.jpg

The return of the audience was helped not only by the weakening of anti-epidemic measures, but also by the genre variety of paintings at the box office. Among them is the spy thriller "Hidden Blade" about the events of World War II in China, the full-length cartoon "Bears are Neighbors", as well as the sports drama "Chinese Ping Pong" - the real story of the return of the national team to the top of world table tennis in the 90s.

Китайская панорама-471-39.jpg

"Today we came to the Wandering Earth-2, I heard that there are ultramodern special effects, besides, I liked the first film," says a young spectator. - Yesterday we watched the "Full-flowing Red River". My friends were so enthusiastic about this film that I wanted to see it."

The historical action detective "Full-flowing Red River" by Oscar nominee Zhang Yimou, as well as "Wandering Earth-2", a prequel to the fantastic blockbuster of 2019, which collected $ 700 million at the box office, are leading the collections.

Китайская панорама-471-41.jpg

Chinese tourists return to Thailand

Tourist centers across Asia are preparing for the return of tourists from China. Before the pandemic, they left more than $250 billion in trips around the world. For example, in Thailand, vacationers from China made up the majority of all foreign tourists. Their new arrival was eagerly awaited.

Китайская панорама-471-47.jpg

"I'm here for the local seafood," says the tourist. - Last time I tried sticky rice with mango, and it was delicious! When I returned to China, I constantly thought about him. Therefore, I am now in great anticipation of gastronomic pleasures and beach holidays."

On the resort island of Phuket, with the onset of evening, the streets turn red. Restaurants are decorated in a New Year theme especially for the sake of Chinese visitors.

Китайская панорама-471-49.jpg

Wittaya Yuen, speedboat driver: "I want Chinese tourists to return sooner, thanks to them I earn more.
They love all kinds of water sports!"

Tour operators predict that the volume of bookings from China will return to doc-like figures by March this year. It is expected that about 300 thousand Chinese will visit Thailand in the first quarter, and at least 5 million are waiting for a year. 

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Beijing to build a new exhibition area for the relics of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the imperial palace for 600 years, and today it is one of the most famous tourist spots in Beijing. Last month, construction began on a new branch of the museum in the suburbs of the capital.

Китайская панорама-471-54.jpg

It will exhibit cultural relics that are stored in the collection of the Forbidden City. The exhibits will be placed in 12 exhibition halls with an area of 35 thousand square meters. About ten thousand ancient relics are exhibited annually in the imperial palace. When will the construction of the new museum facility be completed, up to thirty thousand objects will be presented at the exhibition.

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The gala concert in honor of the Spring Festival and the video numbers of this grandiose show in total have gained more than 16 billion views

Videos from the gala concert in honor of the Spring festival have gained over 16 billion views in China and abroad. According to the Media Corporation of China, more than a thousand media outlets around the world spoke about the concert in 68 languages.

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Clips and videos of the gala concert were broadcast on more than 1,600 outdoor screens, including Times Square in New York and Trafalgar Square in London. The global television network of China has published more than three thousand materials about the gala concert, the number of their views worldwide exceeded 479 million.

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Pet care services are especially popular during the holidays

An interesting and important profession is gaining popularity in China – babysitters for pets! These are specialists who take care of pets while their owners are away. During the New Year holidays, the service is especially relevant.

Китайская панорама-471-68.jpg

Jeffrey Sun, pet store owner: "We started offering this service last year.
Basically, the duties include feeding cats, you need to wash their bowls in time and clean the toilets. It is also important to wipe their eyes, comb and play with them."

Китайская панорама-471-74.jpg

Along with the demand for nannies for animals, the supply is growing – from those who would like to earn extra money. For example, Tan Sihui is a human resources manager. But since she loves animals very much, she decided to learn a new profession in her free time. During the holidays, she has up to 7 orders a day. Each brings a little more than $ 10 and a lot of positive emotions.

Китайская панорама-471-71.jpg

Tan Sihui, pet babysitter: "If suddenly I'm not in the mood, I only have to see these cats – and the mood immediately rises!
Compared to my main job, I definitely like this one more."

It is expected that the demand for pet care services with the easing of anti-weed restrictions will only grow. This will give an additional impetus to the development of the tourism sector. The owners will be able to relax without worrying about their four-legged friends.

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