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Ancient Persian vessel up for auction at Christie's

03.07.2018 134 просмотров

At the auction, which will take place today at the auction house, the public will be offered an ancient Persian vessel, which, according to archaeologists, dates back to around the 3rd millennium BC. The find was discovered during excavations on the territory of modern Iran. 

piece of clay about half a meter high has patterned painting on the sides. Apparently, the ancient artist wanted to depict one of the animals, but one can only guess who exactly. The outlines resemble a roe deer or antelope. Some historians claim that this is a depiction of a domesticated wild goat. The initial price of the lot is about $21,000. According to experts, it may well cost $26,000-27,000. 

One of the most interesting lots is an ancient hammer 14.5 centimeters long, found during excavations in the Middle East about 30 years ago. The find dates back to the Neolithic period and is estimated at about $4.1 thousand. 

Auctions are devoted to antiquities. All exhibits listed in the catalog were found during excavations in different years and were kept in private collections or museum funds. These are ceramic and bronze figurines, wine vessels, vases, sculptures and busts, jewelry made of precious and semi-precious metals and dozens of other items. 

Stone hammer.jpg
Stone "head" of a Neolithic hammer. Photo:

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