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Ancient burial place with ceremonial items found in Yamal

03.08.2018 94 просмотров

During the improvement of the city garden of Salekhard, a burial ground was discovered, whose age is approximately 4.5 thousand years.

According to archaeologists, this is the northernmost of all previously discovered burials for Western Siberia. When the tomb was opened, scientists found a cult vessel and tools there. At the same time, some objects are completely uncharacteristic for this region and for the burial rite as a whole. 

The fact that a certain amount of coal was in the burial caused great surprise of the archaeological team. A more detailed examination of the excavation site gave reason to believe that the body was wrapped in birch bark. Apparently, after the deceased was lowered into the grave, he was set on fire. For the northern regions of Yamal, this is completely uncharacteristic. The tradition of burning the dead was spread further south. 

The found burial ground is located not far and slightly higher from the Ust-Poluy archaeological complex, the largest archaeological site in Yamal. It is possible that the hill was used as a cult burial complex. The expedition members are going to hand over the found artifacts to scientists in order to find out the exact age of the finds. The discovered burials are of great importance for archaeological science, since there are not very many such burial grounds here. 

It is likely that the excavation area will be expanded, since, according to researchers, many more ancient artifacts can be found here.< br>

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