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An old Georgian version of rugby was played in Guria

09.04.2018 88 просмотров

In the village of Shukhuti, Lanchkhut region (Guria region), on the feast of the Resurrection of Christ, a folk game "Lelo Burti" was held.

The tradition of holding the game during the Easter holidays was revived in the Gurian village of Shukhuti 62 years ago. Hundreds of residents of the region and tourists gathered to look at the Georgian sports custom, news agency Novosti-Georgia reports. 

Historians believe that the game of Lelo is about 300 years old. Its name, according to legend, comes from the battle cry "Lelo!" - today this word is used in Georgian sports terminology to denote a skid in rugby. 

The Georgian game really resembles rugby: the task of the participants is to carry a 16-kilogram ball from the middle of the field, which is conditionally located in the center of the village, on the outskirts. The district of the settlement that does it first wins. 

Lelo always begins with a service in the temple. Especially for the game, a leather ball is sewn, which is stuffed with sand, wool and sawdust. Before the start of the competition, it is kept in the local church. 

The game is started by the priest of the village temple, throwing the ball from the threshold of the church.

Another tradition – after the game the ball is buried on the grave of the last resident who died in the village. The victory was won by the Kvemourebi team, residents of Lower Shukhuti. 
Lelo Burti-2.jpg
Before the start of the game, the ball is kept in the local church. Photo from Batumelebi newspaper

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