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An exhibition of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky was held at the House of Russian Diaspora

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News from the life of Russian compatriots living abroad will be told by Evgenia Borovaya.

See in the issue:
  • In the Russian House exhibition of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky opened abroad;
  • At a conference in Rome, Russian compatriots discussed issues of community consolidation;< /li>
  • The Russian Reporters organization announced the continuation of the School of Real Journalism project;
  • Russian House in Paris hosted an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky.

An exhibition of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, a brilliant graphic artist, draftsman and theater artist known throughout the world, has opened in the House of Russian Abroad. The name "Wanderer" was chosen for the exposition not by chance. The artist spent most of his creative life on the road, and after 1924 - in immigration. The future was born in Novgorod. During his studies, he happened to live in St. Petersburg, Chisinau and Vilnius, after that he worked in Paris, London and America. Interesting offers were waiting for him everywhere - this is how Dobuzhinsky became a "citizen of the world". 

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A special place in the painter's work is occupied by the theme of the urban landscape. The “portraits” of cities capture the most mundane details of everyday life, and the central objects are unremarkable, at first glance, courtyards and nooks and crannies. Dobuzhinsky studied in detail the places he visited, noticed the architectural and emotional features and admired them. This can be seen in the St. Petersburg watercolours, created in the 1920s, and in the works of the European and American periods. “The picture should act, in my opinion, not only on the mind, but on the soul; it should, like music, contain something inconscient: the “mood” in the landscape, in any other picture,” the master wrote.

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This exhibition has become special for the House of Russian Abroad. In the late 90s, the son of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky Rostislav, who at that time was 95 years old, decided to donate his father's collection to the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum. At the request of Rostislav Mstislavovich, the director of the House of Russian Diaspora Viktor Moskvin had to assist in the transfer of the paintings. But these plans never came to fruition. The works were sold at three auctions. 

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Viktor Moskvin, director of the House of Russian Abroad:

“Unfortunately, one of his relatives, whom he instructed to deal with the transfer, safely waited for the death of Rostislav Dobuzhinsky. But fortunately , at auctions most of the collection was bought by collectors from Moscow, and we present part of this collection here.”

More than a hundred paintings and graphic works presented are from the private collection of the collector Alexey Geller. Many of them the Russian public saw for the first time. Traveler, wanderer, emigrant Mstislav Dobuzhinsky nevertheless returned to his homeland, so that in decades we could see the world through his eyes.

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14th Conference of the Coordinating Council of Associations of Russian Compatriots Living in Italy. Representatives of more than forty organizations from various regions of the country gathered together. In his address, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Italy Sergey Razov thanked the active compatriots for their work and assured that the consulate would provide the associations with comprehensive support.

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Head of the Russian House in Rome Daria Pushkova presented Rossotrudnichestvo diplomas to the most active representatives of the community.

Within the framework of the two-day conference, the participants considered research, historical and cultural projects aimed at consolidating the community in the Italian regions. Particular attention was paid to work with youth, tourism projects, establishing ties with sister cities and helping compatriots who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

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The congress participants noted the special unifying role of the Russian House in Rome and the friendly atmosphere, which contributed to the establishment of a constructive dialogue. Currently, about 25 thousand representatives of the Russian diaspora live in Italy. Such meetings have been held annually since 2007.

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The international project "School of Real Journalism" "Heroes over Borders" will be held in 2021 and 2022 in 12 neighboring countries. The non-profit project of the organization "Russian Reporters" is aimed at working with young professionals and students of journalism faculties in the countries of the post-Soviet space. The implementation of the idea became possible thanks to the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation and Rossotrudnichestvo. 

Master classes, practical exercises and group work at the round table are waiting for participants from different countries. Leading local journalists and media trainers will discuss how the profession has changed and what to do to become successful in our time. “In recent years, the media world has changed beyond recognition,” said Dmitry Mikhaylin, General Director of the Russian Reporters ANO.

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Dmitry Mikhailin , Director General of ANO Russian Reporters:

“In our classes we talk about how the media and the profession have changed – and what to do in order to stay “ afloat". And this is not a purely professional problem: peace and understanding between people, including between our countries, depends, nothing more, nothing less, on how well journalists and journalism feel.”

At the end of the project, a competition of journalistic works will be announced, the winners of which will undergo an internship in the leading federal media of the capital. You can find out all the details and apply for participation in the Russian Reporters group on Facebook.

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A documentary exhibition about the life and work of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was shown at the Russian House in Paris dedicated to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great writer. The screening was prepared by the Dostoevsky Literary and Memorial Museum in St. Petersburg. The author and curator of the exhibition, deputy director of the museum for creative projects Vera Biron spoke remotely about the creation of this exhibition, as well as the opening of a new large-scale exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Vera Biron, author and curator of the exhibition, deputy director of the museum for creative projects:

  other exhibitions, and now we ourselves are preparing an exhibition, a very large exhibition, which will open in the Russian Museum, in the branch of the Russian Museum in the Mikhailovsky Castle, because this castle is very connected with Fyodor Mikhailovich and his St. Petersburg years began from this.

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The exposition presented lithographs, engravings and photographs of the 19th century in digital copies from the collections of the Dostoevsky Museum and the Literary Museum of the Pushkin House in St. Petersburg. The exhibition has already been shown in different countries, but the French version premiered in Paris.

More news is available on the website in the < b>"Compatriots".

Presenter - Evgenia Borovaya, program manager - Aleksey Novatsky.

The program is being created with the support of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow

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