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An asphalt highway will stretch to the center of the Kamchatka Peninsula

27.05.2018 53 просмотров

The government of the Kamchatka Territory has decided to urgently complete the laying of an asphalt-grade highway between Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the settlement of Milkovo, located in the center of the peninsula. The total length of the route is 309 kilometers.

According to the plan approved by the regional government, the construction of the all-season highway should be completed in 2020. Currently, the reconstruction of the track is between the 171st and 181st kilometers of the highway. To transform the old roadbed, it is necessary to repair 5 bridges and pour a sand and gravel cushion, which will lie under the asphalt. 

160 people and 40 units of special equipment are involved in the route. Asphalt-concrete plants and crushing and screening complexes were built along the overpass. They should be launched in July this year. 

In September 2018, 11 kilometers of the route will be commissioned, and in 2019 - another 22 kilometers. A tender is to be held this year to select a contractor for laying the last 28 kilometers of the highway to Milkovo. 

The highway is partly financed from the federal budget. According to the decision of the head of the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Roman Starovoit, with  The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation agreed to increase the financial injection into the construction site to speed up the work. 

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