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An arch for lovers appeared in the capital of Khakassia

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It was created near the museum and cultural center in Abakan.

In addition, museum staff decorated benches for St. Valentine's Day. They appeared hearts with inscriptions and wings. Passers-by are invited to take a selfie, hug, kiss, make up or get to know each other exactly on a specific bench.

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< br> a "valentine" card for patients in China
Now the museum workers have also made a romantic photo zone. “Do you want to capture the happy moments of your life? Then you are welcome to visit us,” employees of the Khakassian Museum of Local Lore wrote on the Internet.

St. Valentine's Day or St. Valentine's Day, the most romantic holiday, is celebrated in most countries of the world on February 14 - on this day people confess their love to each other . 

St. Valentine's Day has existed for more than 15 centuries, but according to pagan traditions, the holidays of "Love" were popular even in ancient times. 
So, in ancient Rome, February 15 was celebrated every year abundance - Lupercalius - in honor of the god Faun - the patron saint of the herd. And the day before Lupercalia, the Roman goddess of marriage, motherhood and women, Juno, and the god Pan were honored.

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