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Amur region returns to normal life

12.02.2021 39 просмотров

In the Amur region, restrictions on the work of public catering have been lifted and self-isolation for the elderly has been canceled.

Catering establishments in the Amur region from Monday, February 15, will begin to work as usual. The restrictions imposed in connection with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection are being lifted, governor Vasily Orlov said on his Instagram page on Friday.

and on the occupancy of halls in catering establishments. At the same time, we keep the mandatory thermometry at the entrance,” he said.

In addition, from Monday, the restriction on mandatory self-isolation of people over the age of 60 is lifted.

Also from Friday, according to Vasily Orlov, the restriction on holding mass sports events has been lifted with a hall occupancy of 50%.

The high alert regime in the Amur Region has been in effect since January 27, 2020. Less than 60 cases of coronavirus infection per day are registered in the region, according to the regional government. In total, 20,288 cases were registered in the region, 148 people died. The region received several batches of the vaccine, 7,000 tons each.

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