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Ambulances greeted with crackers and fireworks in Turkey

19.04.2020 106 просмотров

In Turkey, in Istanbul, an unusual initiative of local residents brightened up the harsh everyday life of one of the ambulance teams.

The crew of the car arrived in the target quarter after the dispatcher sent the carriage to the address of the call. It was then that it turned out that the call for help was false. Citizens greeted the ambulance with firecrackers, crackers and fireworks. 

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People asked the medics to get out of the car, home-grown musicians played some fiery tunes for them, and a member of the public handed flowers to the bewildered medical staff. Istanbul residents explained their initiative with a desire to thank the doctors for their selfless work for the benefit of society in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Meanwhile, Istanbul is living under full civil quarantine. Drones constantly loitering over the city show a picture of seemingly extinct squares and streets, unusually deserted highways. However, the enterprises have not been dissolved and continue to work. According to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, epidemics come and go, but the country must not lose its industrial potential. 

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In total, more than 78,000 people were reported infected with COVID-19 in Turkey in the twentieth of April; 8631 patients recovered and 1769 patients died. In addition, over 40,000 SARS tests have been carried out in Turkey.

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