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All taxis in the capital of Tajikistan will become the same

13.11.2018 188 просмотров

The competition for the development of the appearance of cars was announced by the administration of Dushanbe.

It is noted that the main goal is to streamline the work of taxis, give a unified appearance and protect the rights of passengers. The results of the competition are planned to be summed up in mid-December. This was reported on the website of the city hall.

Taxis in Tbilisi will be
and the traffic police of the republic, as well as the Technical University named after academician Osimi. Money for the competition will be allocated from the city budget. Meanwhile, it is not specified whether the appearance of cars that already operate under the brands of existing taxi companies will change.

Now there are up to five enterprises operating in the capital of Tajikistan that offer passenger transportation services. All licensed taxis are cars with yellow numbers. By the way, there is even a female taxi. The driver in such a car is a representative of the fair sex, and the car itself is decorated with flowers and butterflies.

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