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All regions of Russia celebrate YOUR Health Day

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"Health!" - this is the wish we hear most often when we wish each other a happy birthday or any other holiday. 

Maintaining health concerns each person personally, therefore, Health Day acquires a personalized character and is supplemented in the title with one more word - "YOUR". YOUR Health Day is an occasion to pay attention to yourself, to declare your “healthy” intention, to do what you put off every time and planned to start “from Monday”. Two socially significant national projects "Healthcare" and "Demography" help to get on the healthy side.

So, within a few days - from April 7 to April 10, in the regions of our country, medical volunteers will hold the All-Russian action "Be Healthy". A rich program awaits all participants of the action: master classes in cooking healthy dishes, quests, exercises with the participation of eminent athletes of the Starship Troopers social project, Russian Railways and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. Also, everyone will be able to consult with doctors of various specialties.

For more information about the place and time of the events, please contact the coordinators of the regional branches of the All-Russian Public Movement "Medical Volunteers":

In addition, with 5 April on the site dictationzdorovya.rf anyone can take the All-Russian dictation on public health and medical examination.

Medical workers are also invited to take part in the dictation. According to Sergei Vylegzhanin, Chairman of the Health Committee of the Leningrad Region, the region traditionally participates in all actions dedicated to the Day of Health. “Our region has a strong, strong community of medical volunteers. They are always at the forefront of protecting the health of Leningrad residents: they travel to remote villages and villages, conduct consultations and educational work, and at the same time provide diagnostic assistance. A large friendly medical family of the Leningrad Region invites residents of the region to join the events of Health Day on April 7: to the “Be Healthy” campaign, as well as to write a “Health Dictation”. And for schoolchildren and their parents there will be an open health lesson in an online format.”

“Preservation of health concerns each person personally, therefore the Day of Health acquires a personalized character. This is an occasion to pay attention to yourself, to declare your “healthy” intention - comments the Deputy Minister of Health of the Ryazan Region Vladimir Khominets. - Everyone can take a dictation on the topic of public health and medical examination this year. Such events are important, because a healthy lifestyle and its observance are the key to the implementation of life plans and do not forget about the importance of maintaining the health of your body not only on holidays, but every day.

A large number of educational and consulting activities are carried out to improve public health. They contribute to the growth of the population's understanding of their capabilities to direct and ensure the implementation of specific actions to promote health: timely medical examination, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and systematic physical education.

Especially for the Health Day of ANO National Priorities, greeting cards have been developed that can be shared with relatives and friends on the social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, as well as stickers available in messengers Telegram and Viber.

Downloads: https://drive

Promotions dedicated to Health Day will be held throughout the country. So, in April, the Udmurt Republic will host the fourth forum in 2022 dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and physical activity "Be healthy". More than 1.7 thousand people have already taken part in the first three such forums in 2022. During the implementation of the regional project "Physical Activity" last year, 230 events were held, the participants of which were told about the basics of organizing sports training, about the rules of physical activity and the region's infrastructure for sports.

“We try to invest in sports infrastructure, promote a healthy lifestyle, open rates for those very public figures, athletes, coaches, support federations, for example, Nordic walking, which involve thousands of people,” said the head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov.

Health Day is an excellent occasion to remember all measures to maintain health, timely medical examinations, rules for healthy eating and sports activities - an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

“In the Samara region, according to a long tradition, the World Health Day is preceded by a week of health.  Particular attention is paid to youth. Trainings, quizzes on healthy lifestyle topics, and sports competitions are held in schools, colleges and universities of the province. Complex centers of social services for the population also actively participate in the events, which conduct master classes in articular gymnastics and Nordic walking for older residents. Simultaneously with interactive classes, screening examinations of residents are being carried out by specialists from health centers,” says the Minister of Health of the Samara Region Armen Benyan.


“We pay great attention to promoting a healthy lifestyle among residents of Lipa. We support various initiatives related to healthy habits, mass sports, - said the Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov. People unite in groups, go for jogging, cycling, we organized sports for pensioners. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and strengthening public health is a task that needs to be addressed through joint efforts. And I hope that “Your Health Day” will become not just a holiday, but the start of a new healthy life for the Lipetsk region and all of Russia.”

“Health Day is a sign of attention and a tribute to people who care about their health, set an example for others, and create an atmosphere of a healthy lifestyle. On Health Day, various events will be held in the Sakhalin Region, allowing a person to embark on the path of a healthy lifestyle or continue it with like-minded people. Even if it is not possible to take part in them, each person can independently do something useful for their health. For some it will be a charge, for another person it will be a rejection of bad habits. I invite everyone to become members of the healthy lifestyle club,” commented the Minister of Health of the Sakhalin Region Vladimir Kuznetsov.

“One of our priorities in the development of healthcare, of course, is the prevention and reduction of the risks of various diseases, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle,” said the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region Ilya Barinov. - Every year in our region, the number and format of events dedicated to this topic is growing. We try to cover not only the adult population, creating corporate health programs for them and holding mass campaigns for the early detection of various diseases, but also children. For example, this year we started school-wide health days. Undoubtedly, we will continue the work to form a commitment to a healthy lifestyle among the inhabitants of the region, increasing the intensity of events and expanding their range and geography. Because, as you know, any disease is better to prevent than to cure.

“There are a number of projects in the Ulyanovsk region to preserve and improve the quality of the health of citizens. Now the annual decade of health is taking place - events for different categories of the population, shaping the motivation of residents for a healthy lifestyle, increasing physical activity, and giving up bad habits. These are health-improving and sports events, master classes on healthy eating, lectures on healthy lifestyles. This year, more than three thousand Ulyanovsk residents have joined the All-Russian campaign "10,000 steps to life." Residents will also take part in the All-Russian health dictation. Thanks to prevention, we have a decrease in the prevalence of tobacco consumption, there are more of those who systematically go in for physical education and sports. In the annual ranking of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in terms of adherence to healthy lifestyles in 2021, the region entered the top ten, ”said the Minister of Health of the Ulyanovsk Region Alexander Gashkov.

The all-Russian campaign "10,000 Steps to Life", timed to coincide with Health Day, will also be held in Chita at the Zabvo stadium on April 9, 2022.

“The main goal of the action is to attract the attention of the maximum number of citizens of different ages to choosing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as increasing physical activity. In 2021, about two thousand citizens from 15 to 80 years old took part in this event. The action took place in 15 districts of the Trans-Baikal Territory and the city of Chita,” said Oksana Nemakina, Acting Minister of Health of the Trans-Baikal Territory. against COVID-19. Before the start, everyone will be able to find out the level of sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, and also get vaccinated against coronavirus.

In the Pskov region on Health Day, skating training and classes in the gym will be held.

“On Health Day, the Ice Palace offers everyone free to skate and work out in the gym,” said the director of the Olympus Sports School < b>Artur Akavov.

Sports events dedicated to the Day of Health will also be held in the Kurgan region. According to Aleksey Sigidaev, Director of the Health Department of the Kurgan Region, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in dance exercises at the site of the Kurgan Basic Medical College. For the elderly April 12 in the library. M. Gorky of the city of Kurgan will host master classes on the basics of physiotherapy exercises. Medical volunteers will hold Nordic walking master classes in the region, friendly sports matches between volunteer organizations will be organized. Information activities also play an important role in shaping a healthy lifestyle and attracting the population to sports.

To increase the number of people leading a healthy lifestyle in educational institutions, "Health Lessons" are held and all the conditions necessary for a healthy lifestyle are created.

“Since it is teachers who become role models for schoolchildren and students, we try to create conditions under which all participants in the educational process would have the opportunity and incentive to improve their health . I emphasize that the issues of maintaining and strengthening health in modern conditions of life are especially relevant. Thus, within the framework of the overhaul program, great attention is paid to the creation of health-saving conditions: sports halls in rural schools are being equipped, sports clubs are opening. In addition, health days, class hours, parent meetings are regularly held at schools so that health care becomes an integral part of everyday life. As the well-known catchphrase says: “A healthy mind in a healthy body!”, - notes the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Altai Olga Savrasova.

Sport is also an integral part of health and a healthy lifestyle. Health Day is an excellent occasion to go to training for the first time or in the format of systematic exercises, to remember that sports are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

“The Jewish Autonomous Region relies on the involvement of the population, especially young people, in physical education and sports. Our task is to increase the accessibility of sports facilities. It is necessary that anyone can afford to come to the gym, pool, treadmill or horizontal bars. In the administrative center of the JAR - the city of Birobidzhan - not so long ago the first skating rink with artificial ice "Victory" was opened. It has become a real center of attraction for winter sports enthusiasts. Hockey tournaments of various levels are held here. Pobeda has also become a training base for those who are just starting their journey in hockey and speed skating. Over the past two years, with the unprecedented support of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, new facilities have been erected not only in Birobidzhan, but also in the municipal districts of the region. So, in the city of Obluchye, a sports and recreation complex with a swimming pool was built. This year, it will grow into an open sports ground and form a large-scale single space. Eight school stadiums and gyms have been repaired. This work will continue. Now eight schools - four each in Obluchensky and Smidovichsky districts - are repairing gyms. In three schools: the 23rd lyceum, the 7th Birobidzhan school and school No. 2 in Obluchye, the repair of school areas with stadiums will be completed. There will be installed modern sports and recreation complexes of open type. The region has already equipped two sites for passing the TRP standards, another one will appear this year. We are working to ensure that the first “smart sports grounds” come to autonomy this season. All this should work in advance. Health must be protected from the outset, and not restored later, even in the best clinics in the country,” comments the Governor of the Jewish Autonomous RegionRostislav Goldstein.

“In Chukotka, by the end of 2021, approximately 45% of the inhabitants are systematically involved in sports. Most of them are young people and children, but it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle among the middle and older generations as well. Especially in remote villages of the district. To do this, we hold not only competitions in mass sports, but also traditional ones: dog and reindeer sled races, national sports. Older residents take part in such events, because these are, one might say, traditions of a healthy lifestyle of indigenous peoples. A separate area of work is the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the media, work with the population through public organizations, and the involvement of specialists for the prevention of alcoholism. We are supported in this by the Anadyr and Chukotka Dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church. And, of course, we continue to develop a network of sports facilities in all regions of Chukotka. This work is ongoing, we use different approaches. For example, in the northernmost city of Russia, Pevek, we are trying out a public-private partnership mechanism for the construction of a large sports facility,” commented Roman Kopin, Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

“It is very important for us to form a healthy lifestyle culture in Kuzbass, to involve as many people as possible in sports and physical activity. That is why we pay great attention to the construction and reconstruction of sports facilities, including those in small towns. Opportunities for an active lifestyle in villages should be at the same high level as in cities. Over the past four years, we have put into operation 572 sports facilities. Thanks to this, residents can spend their free time with health benefits, engage in a variety of sports, and the younger generation can discover their talent for a future sports career. In addition, we are engaged in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sports achievements, including through the holding of major sports competitions in the region. Last year, despite COVID restrictions, we held the World Parachuting Championship, which was attended by more than 550 athletes from 32 countries. In 2023, the international festival "Children of Asia" will be held in Kuzbass. I note that today Kuzbass residents are actively visiting new sports facilities. Thus, the sports complexes built for the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass are in great demand among residents, they train students of sports schools and schools of the Olympic reserve in various sports. There is an opportunity to professionally train and train athletes in modern conditions in any sport. At the same time, the sites are also available for family physical education, active leisure for any resident of the region,” commented the Governor of the Kemerovo Region-Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev.

“Healthy lifestyle is one of the main life priorities. That is why we make sports accessible to people, create and expand sports infrastructure. By my personal example, I urge everyone to join the movement for a healthy lifestyle and take part in sports activities with the whole family. So, on January 1, in the center of Tambov, for the first time, we held a massive "Run of Promises". Sports grounds are located in the yards of multi-storey buildings. Soon, the first people's fitness park will appear on the Tambov embankment,” said the Governor of the Tambov region Maxim Egorov.

“Health Day is a great occasion to pay attention to your physical condition and, of course, go in for sports. Because health is, first of all, an active and healthy lifestyle, - says the Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Olympic silver medalist in cycling Anton Shantyr. Petersburg is a very sporty city, where there is, in a good way, a fashion for sports. And it is no coincidence that we won the title of the running capital of Russia. Last year, the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports organized the St. Petersburg Governor's Running Cup, which consisted of four stages and was in great demand. The city also holds "Governor's Cups" in yard football and hockey. These amateur competitions are interesting and also popular among Petersburgers. Such events are important for attracting people to a healthy lifestyle and strengthening public health.”

“Our islands are proudly called sports islands. It really is. To date, the Sakhalin Region ranks first in the Far East in terms of the number of residents involved in physical education and sports. And the secret is simple! First of all, it is desire. And if the inhabitants of the region are drawn to a healthy lifestyle, then it is necessary to create the necessary conditions for them. Much attention is paid to this in the region - every year we build, renovate and modernize our sports facilities. When the islanders offer their ideas for the construction and arrangement of a particular sports facility, it becomes warm in the soul, because this once again confirms the interest and desire of people to be healthy and strong. We are always ready to help them in this. Today, there are many regional programs in the region, thanks to which sports cover absolutely all categories of the population. These are the projects "Skiing to School", "Swimming for All", "Sakhalin Longevity" and many others. Of course, Health Day events are important. They acquaint people with the right diet, medical examination and other aspects necessary for a healthy lifestyle,” said the Minister of Sports of the Sakhalin Region Artyom Podshivalov.

A healthy lifestyle is also associated with healthy habits that improve a person's condition, strengthen his health and public health in general. And Health Day is an excellent occasion to remember the need to form healthy habits and fight bad ones.

“Today in Buryatia, the programs “Strengthening public health” are being implemented in all municipalities. For example, last year meetings were organized in 11 municipalities, round tables with district administrations, where issues were discussed to reduce mortality and alcohol consumption. We carried out active work with rural settlements to introduce the so-called "Territories of sobriety" with a complete restriction on the sale of alcohol in 5 villages, and in 18 villages with a restriction on the time and place of sale. In 2022, we found a response to the introduction of "Territories of sobriety" in fifteen rural settlements, - says the Minister of Health of the Republic of Buryatia Evgenia Yuryevna Ludupova. Also, a lot of work has been done as part of the implementation of the corporate program “Promoting Health in the Workplace”, today it covers 25 organizations in various fields of activity. And we have big plans for the future. Already in April, we are implementing a corporate health promotion program among aircraft factory workers “Locomotive of Health”, within the framework of which we plan to conduct lectures, comprehensive examinations, and vaccinations. Therefore, I hope that as many organizations of the city and the republic as possible will join this program, because caring for the health of citizens is the main priority of our work!

Corporate health promotion programs are being actively implemented in many regions of the country.

“Promoting the values of a healthy lifestyle among the population is an important part of the sphere of activity of authorities at all levels. For these purposes, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea is implementing the activities provided for by the federal project "Strengthening public health" of the national project "Demography". Also, 57 corporate programs are being implemented aimed at disseminating the priorities of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining the health of employees at the workplace. In addition, in order to popularize the principles of a healthy lifestyle, the Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention has been organized and functions effectively. On its basis, educational work is carried out both among the adult population and among children. Together with participants in volunteer movements, doctors conduct public events aimed at preventing dangerous diseases, give lectures in organized groups and student communities. As part of the World Health Week, events are also planned in Crimea aimed at introducing citizens to a healthy lifestyle, - says Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Crimea Konstantin Skorupsky.

“Corporate and municipal health programs are being implemented in the Chuvash Republic, such as programs to reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption, increase physical activity of the population and organize healthy eating. Six large enterprises of the republic have already entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Republic on the implementation of corporate programs to improve the health of workers,” says Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers - Minister of Health of the Chuvash Republic Vladimir Stepanov. - Also, in 2021, Chuvashia became the leader rating of Russian regions by the number of residents leading a healthy lifestyle. Every fifth inhabitant of our republic is physically active, does not smoke, his daily diet contains a lot of vegetables and fruits, a minimum of salt and almost no alcohol. Chuvashia is also in the TOP-5 leading regions in which the number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle has increased by more than 4 times compared to last year. Our republic took the first place among the regions with the largest relative reduction in the number of anti-eating people - lovers of bad habits decreased by 65.1%.

On Health Day, it is also important to pay attention to the possibilities for monitoring one's own health and timely medical examination.

“In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in terms of measures to improve public health, diverse work is being carried out to improve health, medical examination and protect the health of the population. As part of the events dedicated to the Day of Health, on-site medical examinations of the population of remote settlements will be held with the wide involvement of leading specialists from republican medical centers and hospitals,” says the Minister of Health of the Republic Lena Afanasyeva.

“It is more important not to treat, but to prevent the disease. This principle is followed by absolutely all doctors. Maintaining health is not only important, but also quite easy. To do this, you need to take responsibility for your own well-being and adhere to the most elementary rules: be physically active, eat a balanced diet, not have bad habits, observe hygiene, sleep and rest fully, practice wellness procedures and look at life positively. And also regularly visit a doctor and not when something gets sick, but at least as part of a medical examination and preventive examinations. This will make it possible to catch the disease at an early stage. By the way, almost 259,000 residents of the region and almost 78,000 more in-depth medical examinations can undergo medical examinations this year,” commented Sergey Lugansky, Director of the Department of Health and Pharmacy of the Yaroslavl Region.

“In Yamal, special attention is paid to the formation of a healthy lifestyle for the population. A unified preventive system has been created in the region: 3 health centers, 7 departments and 7 medical prevention rooms operate under the patronage of the district center for public health and medical prevention. For the convenience of northerners, medical examinations, including in-depth ones, can be taken in the evening and on Saturday. Visits to enterprises, single days of medical examination are carried out. Prevention in Yamal has long gone beyond the boundaries of offices: outreach campaigns and examinations in the format of “health islands” have become a practice. Outreach work also covers hard-to-reach settlements of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where doctors get by helicopters, all-terrain vehicles-trackers and water transport. Mobile-diagnostic complexes based on KamAZ were purchased for three districts. Since the beginning of the year, more than 2,550 residents of Yamal have been examined in mobile complexes. Last year, mobile medical teams conducted 374 visits, examined more than 45,000 patients, including about 27,000 native northerners," said Sergey Novikov, Director of the Health Department of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

“We regularly conduct surveys of residents of remote areas,” says the governor of the Kemerovo region-Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev. For several years, the Health Train project has been operating in Kuzbass, within the framework of which residents regularly undergo preventive examinations, including mammography and fluorography, testing for HIV infection, and vaccination against coronavirus. It is important that diseases are detected at an early stage in order to start treatment on time and increase the likelihood of a favorable prognosis for the patient. A lot is being done in the region to create a modern healthcare infrastructure. Despite the difficult economic and geopolitical situation, the construction and repair of medical organizations continues in full. We promptly resolve the issue of import substitution of new equipment. Most of the modern medical equipment supplied to polyclinics and hospitals in the region are domestic samples, which, in terms of characteristics, are not inferior to imported counterparts.”

“Prophylactic medical examinations and preventive examinations play an important role in improving the health of residents, identifying diseases at an early stage and risk factors,” notes the Minister of Health of the Samara Region Armen Benyan. We are actively resuming medical examinations for all population groups, including in-depth ones for those who have recovered from COVID-19. On the whole, I want to emphasize that the preservation and promotion of health is the personal responsibility of every inhabitant. Therefore, I wish everyone to take care of their health, observe the principles of a healthy lifestyle and undergo preventive examinations in a timely manner. In the Samara region, unified vaccination days are organized in public places - libraries, shopping centers, where residents can be vaccinated and revaccinated at mobile vaccination points.

“Preserving the health of citizens is a priority area for the development of healthcare in the Rostov region. This is a continuous work that helps to save many lives of people, thanks to the early detection and prevention of various diseases. In our region, medical examinations and in-depth medical examinations are taking place at a high pace, which allow us to identify risk factors and emerging pathologies at an early stage, and thereby minimize or completely eliminate the consequences of the disease. In the Rostov region there are also many “Health Schools” for patients who, unfortunately, already have some kind of chronic disease, but with the proper level of awareness and support, they can manage it. Actions are systematically held in the region, when people can check the main indicators of their health in the main public spaces. Also, thanks to federal and regional programs of state support, the personnel issue in the primary care is being systematically resolved. This is especially important because primary care physicians do a great job not only in identifying diseases, but also in their prevention. However, health begins in childhood, therefore, the School Medicine project is being implemented in the Rostov Region, within the framework of which the health of schoolchildren is monitored and webinars are regularly held with students and their parents on health protection and first aid, - said the Minister of Health of the Rostov Region Yuri Kobzev.

“In the Tambov region, there are programs for the prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Medical volunteers are actively involved in their implementation. The Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention conducts a great deal of work with the population. We are doing everything necessary to ensure that the people of Tambov are healthy, and those who need help are taught it on time and in full, ”commented the Governor of the Tambov region Maxim Egorov.

Disease is always easier to prevent than to cure! Therefore, in the Stavropol Territory, so much attention is paid to disease prevention. This is facilitated by annual preventive examinations and medical examinations of the population, including within the framework of the social regional project “For Health!” Thanks to the project, multidisciplinary teams of doctors from leading regional medical centers and central district hospitals visit remote rural areas using specially equipped medical complexes. So that every resident of the region has the opportunity to undergo diagnostic procedures, get advice from the right doctor, and undergo a medical examination near the house. A lot of work in promoting a healthy lifestyle is carried out by our "Schools of Health". They teach the residents of the region the principles of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical therapy complexes, disease prevention, and talk about modern methods of diagnostics and medical care. Every year, at least 50,000 people study at health schools, - said the Minister of Health of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Kolesnikov.

Health Day is a great occasion to pay attention to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and start using opportunities to implement them.

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